Better Body Bootcamp


Our better body bootcamp is designed to get you fitter, stronger and slimmer.

We focus on results to ensure all our members get the best out of there time at I fitness. We run 10 bootcamp sessions per week to provide plently variety and can always make enough sessions each week.


I Shape

Women specific exercises to shape those legs, bums and wobbly bits, improve shape, drop those inches and feel great.



I Strength

Group weight lifting. Using barbells and kettlebells following principles of strength and bodybuilding styles of training. Build some serious muscle and strength.



I Meta Strength

Combination of weightlifting and bodyweight based cardio exercises. Drop bodyfat, improve fitness and strength.



I Underground

Functional based exercises having great fun using sledes, tyres, sledgehammers battle ropes, farmers walks and slam balls. Improve fitness, strength, drop those inches and have tonnes of fun in the process.



I Bootcamp

Circuit based exercise sessions, utIlising a variety of equipment, such as barbells, kettlebells, dumbells, slam balls, trxs and ply boxes. A real mix of exercises designed to weight/fat loss, improved fitness and have tonnes of fun whilst your doing it.



I Metabolic

Fast paced bodyweight based exercises using trx and step boxes. Get that metabolic hit, burn some fat and drop some serious inches.