T12 Boot Camp Training in Blackpool : Choose Your Style

T12 group training is offering something fresh and new, our focus is to create a comfortable friendly community offering a personal approach to fitness unattainable at mainstream gyms. Group training sessions will be based around strength, functional and general aspects of fitness, providing bespoke group training sessions, offering a new adaptive way of training rather than the typical mundane mainstream gym classes.


So who wants to look like a Spartan? Drop the body fat, feel fitter, faster and stronger? The Spartan group training programme is going to be for you. You’ll work in a small group of like minded guys, work hard following programmes designed to shred fat and build muscle, follow simple nutrition which will still allow you to eat real food. Hitting barbells, tyres, and ropes and conditioning sleds they’ll be loads of variety to keep your body guessing. Want to lose the bit that hangs over your pants? COME AND BE A SPARTAN!!!

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You know the saying what women want? Well at T12 and after countless transformations we get it girls… To look and feel more confident, flatten the tummy, slim down the thighs, tone your arms and of course who wouldn’t want a bum lift giving you a peachy behind.  Work in a small group of like minded ladies who want the same thing as you. Look good, feel good, have fun and find a new found confidence. Come and discover THE NEW YOU.

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Our better body bootcamp is designed to get you fitter, stronger and slimmer.

We focus on results to ensure all our members get the best out of there time at I fitness. We run 10 bootcamp sessions per week to provide plently variety and can always make enough sessions each week.

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