Jamie Ashworth Personal Training


A new you, fitter, faster, slimmer or stronger, our goals are your goals.
Lead trainer Jamie Ashworth and his team of male and female personal trainers follow 4 fundamental elements to ensure you get successful results.


·         Periodised Training
·         Individualised nutritional and lifestyle advise
·         Mindset and motivation.
·         Monitoring of progress and accountability.


Periodised Training


Periodisation is the systematic planning of physical activity. The aim is to reach a continual improvement of your physical condition or performance through intelligent programming; it involves working in progressive cycles through specific training phases. 

As individuals we all have different goals and requirements which your individualised training will be representative of you and your needs. We look at your likes/dislikes and take into account any injuries or limitations to ensure the sessions are not only effective but fun.   

Individualised Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice


Individualised nutrition and lifestyle advice – With any health and fitness goal, exercise and nutrition come hand in hand. At I fitness we have pride in your success and a drive to give you the best service possible, offering the best advice and guidance to all our clients in order to meet there specific goal.  You’ll be assessed on your nutritional requirements and issued with individualised nutrition plans, designed to be practical for those with a busy lifestyle, non limiting for those enjoying full social life and specific those taking training to the next level. We continually monitor your nutritional goals altering them to suit new or revised goals and giving continual advice throughout your time working with us.

Mindset and motivation.


When embarking on any health and fitness goals its key to be mentally ready, we work hard to understand the needs and motivations you may have. By asking the right questions, each I fitness personal trainer creates bespoke personal training programmes, taking account of your work schedule, home commitments, physical condition, mental readiness and any other factors. The priority is to make sure you get a personalised plan that’s convenient, manageable and allows you to enjoy yourself while you’re working out and getting in shape. One of the most important principles we work with is meeting you exactly ‘where you’re at’ on any given day.

We understand that what works well on one day might not work so well on another and respect the body’s natural intelligence. This flexible way of working means we’re always going to ensure we give you our best service, each and every time we see you and offer continued support between sessions.

You know when you know what you shouldn’t eat but eat it anyway? We can solve that. We establish your core values, asses you’re your whys and use simple mind management techniques to get the best possible results.

We understand you may feel anxious or nervous about working out or moving away from those bad habits. How would you feel if you could swap those feelings for feelings of excitement and optimism?  

Monitoring your progress


Unlike the typical Blackpool Gyms your progress is of upmost importance to us. All new clients will undergo an initial progress check’s we feel applicable to your particular goalsThis may include.

·         Tape measure readings

·         Bodyfat

·         Weight

·         Fitness testing

·         Strength testing