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Personal Trainers

And Transformation Coaches

Our team of highly motivated personal trainers and transformation coaches will make you look, feel and become the ultimate version of yourself. We take care or all your nutritional need, training requirements and mental readiness.

Our coaches, both male and female personal trainers, specialise in body transformations, weight loss, strength & conditioning, rehab & pre/post natal. For training in small groups with the support of friends or family drop us a line to discuss options of training together. Work one on one with a personal trainer, two on one with a friend or family member or in small group.

Our semi-private personal training programme allows you to achieve fantastic results, in a motivational environment. Working out with other like minded people in a small group (max 6-8 people) creates an incredibly motivating atmosphere.

Jamie Ashworth

Owner & Founder of T12

Likes – Liverpool FC, wearing lycra and seeing our members get great results.

Dislikes – Hangovers, fishy food and fad diets.

Top skills – Nutrition coaching, programming and donut eating.

Top Fitness Advice – Focus on getting the basics right, it’s the simple things that work the best.

Tariq Robertson

Co-owner of T12

With over 10 years of experience of working with a wide range of clientele, Tariq’s simple yet dedicated approach to fitness and lifestyle coaching will guarantee you not only find a new version of yourself, but you find a better version of yourself.

Likes – Stuffed crows, beard care and changing lives.

Dislikes – Bright lights, early mornings and PT’s giving bad advice.

Top Skills – Mindset coaching, helping people with injuries, and gaming.

Top Fitness Advice – If you need help, ask, people want to see you succeed.    

Shelly Woods


Likes – Racing Marathons, chocolate and helping clients achieve their goals.
Dislikes – Nutrition Myths, coming 2nd and messiness.
Top Skills – Building self-belief in members, helping clients with fat loss and table tennis.
Top Fitness Advice – Keep your eyes on your goal, don’t allow one bad day turn into a bad week



Likes – Netball, food and helping others archive their goals.
Dislikes – Messy Gyms, marmite and horror films.
Top Skills – Fat loss coaching, group training and moaning.
Top Fitness Advice – Being consistenly good is better than being occasionally perfect.



Likes – Lifting weights, coffee and helping people be their best.
Dislikes – Eggs, quick fixes and running.
Top Skills – Supporting others, technique coaching and burpees.
Top Fitness Advice – Fitness happens over time not overnight.



Likes – Liverpool FC, Cars and having a positive impact on people.
Dislikes – Every other team other than Liverpool FC, dirty cars and training legs.
Top Skills – Avoiding leg day, motivating members during workouts and creating structure for clients.
Top Fitness Advice – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, ask questions and learn. There all key components to success.



Likes – Salsa dancing, the outdoors and making clients happy.
Dislikes – Plastic PTs, Herbalife and IG influencers.
Top Skills – Helping clients get focused, technique coaching and stripping.
Top Fitness Advice – Keep it simple, stay consistent and focus on the task in hand. It’s a lifestyle not a quick fix.



Likes – Netball, Popcorn and Supporting others starting their fitness journeys (and cows, can’t miss them)

Dislikes – Dumbells not in pairs, cooking carrots and repeating myself.

Top Skills – Group Training, shouting orders (erm encouragement) and being proper Cumbrian (according to J and T).

Best Fitness Advice – You are your own person. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else and embrace your own journey each step of the way.

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