Louise Kinsey's Story
My favourite transformation has been one which wasn’t just about numbers. Louise Kinsey lost 7 inches – mostly from her waist and hips and 4 lbs down overall. But that’s only part of the story. Her pictures really show her transformation, but there was also a lot the eye can’t see. She had never really lifted weights before & more than doubled the weights she started on. She could do more assisted pull-ups than ever before by the end of 3 months and was fitter and stronger. More than that, she managed it all with no kitchen. For most of the 12 weeks, after a serious house fire, she had no fridge, no oven, no microwave, no cupboards or work surfaces. Narrowly escaping to safety from the house fire had been a big trauma and had a big effect on her life. Not only did Louise make a physical transformation, she grew in confidence over the 12 weeks so much she took part in a charity Skydive (raising more than £1k for Brian House), the Ride the Lights event and booked a holiday with her girls.
Coach Emma & Louise Kinsey
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