Geraldine's Story
Lady Geraldine (Mrs B to Coach J & Coach T) Geraldine came to us to loose weight, tone up and get fit. She had yo yo dieted for many years. She had tried so many different exercise trends, gyms, classes but frustrated with herself and not really getting the results she wanted. She’s a mum to 3 boys and a handful of gorgeous grandchildren. I am so proud of Geraldines achievements, she always works hard in her training but her key to her success has been consistency. She has showed up week in week out and let me put her through her paces and she didn’t let lockdown stop her either. She got her coat on, we went outside and got it done. HER BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE She has lost 14kgs off the scales Over 21 body inches lost Increased lean muscle mass Increased fitness Increased strength She has developed a good relationship with food. No more jumping from one fad diet to the next. We came across a few speed bumps. She’s not finished yet but well done Geraldine you’ve come so far. Coach Shelly
Lady Geraldine
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