Olly's Story
COACH DAN’S CLIENT OF 2020 Well… Where do I start? Olly came to us a little while ago with the intention of bettering his health and increasing his confidence… the picture presented here shows us all exactly what can happen when we change our habits. Despite having lost a loved one, working tirelessly and experiencing two national lockdowns, Olly has absolutely smashed his goals! If you want a perfect example of what can happen when we adhere to a sustainable programme with the intention of bettering our own health, check out Ollys stats… • Waist dropped from 44″ to 37″ • 9KG in weight lost? (That is nearly 20lbs! ) • Improved muscle tone • Strength and fitness vastly improved As Olly’s coach I could not be prouder of what he has achieved this far and I’m genuinely excited to see what the future holds for Olly here at T12. Hard work definitely pays off… Here is what Olly had to say about his time with me as his coach so far… “Dan gave me all the time I needed and the background knowledge as to what the exercise benefited plus the reasoning behind it. Over all I feel lucky to have Dan’s support and knowledge behind me as I carry on training for next years tough mudder.” COACH DAN T12 REAL PEOPLE Life Changing Results
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