Sue's Story
MEET SUE Sue, who is an early years teacher, joined T12 in August 2019. She had success losing weight in the past, but wanted extra help with exercise, fitness and nutrition. Her main goals were to lose a stone, fit into skinny jeans and improve her fitness. Sue hit her goal of 10st earlier this year, lost seven inches overall and managed to get into a pair of size 8 skinny jeans! She’s increased her strength and fitness – going from squats with a 6kg kettlebell in her first week, to now squatting a 40kg barbell. And she grew enough confidence to take part in our team training sessions every week. Despite having a busy job, being a devoted grandma, mum and wife, and the challenges of the pandemic, Sue has stuck with training, and with keeping her nutrition on track. She has very rarely ever missed a session and always gives her best. She was also awarded the BEM this summer for her work with the girl guides. Sue said: “Like everyone this year, my fitness journey has been up and down. From getting back into good habits after the festive period, starting off lockdown determined to be a stone a lighter and an elite standard athlete, to being grateful I wasn’t a stone heavier. I did however manage some exercise every day. Each day is a chance to do better than yesterday. I am proud that I have gained the confidence to join in classes (thank you everyone for the warm, non-judgemental welcome), and my new-found strength. The weights look really impressive in a photo and I’m proud that even though it is December, I haven’t said ‘stuff it until 2021.” Coach Emma T12 REAL PEOPLE Life Changing Results
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