Wes's Story
Early 2020 we received a call from Wes who was looking to make some drastic lifestyle changes for numerous reason’s including very poor fitness and the onset of type 2 diabetes. After speaking with a handful for personal trainers he decided to come and work with us at T12, and were really pleased he did. Now we don’t believe in quick fixes and fad diets so the solution to help Wes was always going to be a long term 1. Despite 2 lockdowns and everything else 2020 has thrown at us he’s done incredibly well with some outstanding results. We had hicups from time to time, too much to drink more often than would be advised and occasionally went over his calorie targets BUT it’s the long term consistency that counts, and he did that really well. So what did we do? We initially enrolled Wes onto a PT programme with fat loss nutrition coaching which after a fantastic start we only got chance to do for a month before the inevitable happened. The 1st lockdown restrictions hit!!! This ment transitioning Wes onto an online programme and thankfully he continued to thrive in the process. Subsequently we’ve continued to do a mix of face to face and online coaching and had great success using both platforms. So what about these fantastic results? Performance – Run 10k in 52mins Weight – Lost 60lbs in weight Body shape – Lost 30cms from waist Health – Reversed type 2 diabetes Mentality – Training becoming non negotiable What Wes had to say? “My journey started at T12 in February this year. I had to lose weight for health reasons. I can honestly say Coach Jay, Coach T & the whole T12 tribe have transformed my life, not only physically, but mentally. A fantastic group of positive personal trainers, who help you to bring out the best in youself.” So to finish, a big thanks to Wes for letting us help him. He’s been a pleasure to Coach every step of the way. Coach Jamie T12 REAL PEOPLE Life Changing Results
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