Body transformation specialist Tariq Robertson co-owner of T12 body transformations


owner of Tariq Robertson Transformations will


not let anything get in the way of you achieving your results.


With over 10 years of experience of working with a wide range of clientele, Tariq’s simple yet dedicated approach to fitness and lifestyle coaching will guarantee you not only find a new version of yourself, but you find a better version of yourself.

Tariq’s baby steps philosophy on nutrition and positive mindset coaching is a great way for many people to become more educated on self help, breaking bad habitual patterns and realising that self worth is more valuable than most people give credit for. Exercise and healthy nutrition will no longer be a chore but an everyday occurrence as you grow into a healthier happier you.


Weather it be lean muscle mass, fitness levels, sports and agility or rehabilitation work you are after, rest assured we at T9Fitness have you covered. You’ll learn the correct way to lift and move, get the best out of your body and how to activate those inactive muscles you may have through sitting too much or through injury. Not only will you learn, you will have fun in the process as you fall in love with exercise!


Nutrition and healthy eating does not have to be hard. Together we can analyse your food and water intake and take the necessary steps to slowly make sure you are in total control of what you eat and start to enjoy the process of eating healthily.


Establishing your main core values will help you maintain focus and realise that worrying about the small things in life will only lead to chaos, sleepless nights or even illness. With positive mindset training, there is no limit to what you can achieve both inside and outside of the gym. If you struggle finding time for yourself or maybe you have a clouded mind all of the time, then mindset coaching is designed to help you.

Combine the three main factors above in the right amounts along with monitored progress and continued 24/7 support, and you will be that better version of yourself you are seeking. Short term and long term goals will seem so simple after prioritising what is important to you and what isn’t.

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